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Assessments and consultations will be provided on a discretionary basis to anyone seeking to know the True and Living God, to know what he wants from your life, and how to proceed. If you do not care what God thinks about you or what he wants from you, please double your donation before requesting an appointment below.


  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Churches
  • Governments

Prepare Yourself


Put on an attitude of honesty and humility, as a learner in need of understanding purpose and direction in every area of life; commit to believing the evidence, and commit to logic and reason as the tools for establishing the truth you are in desperate need of both hearing and enacting.


This is important. It's time to make time for the most important things. We will discuss them all. Give extra time before the appointment to gather your thoughts, calm your mind, and eliminate distractions.


Of all the billions of people living today and throughout history, no two have ever agreed in perfect unity, which means you are almost surely wrong about at least one thing, if only because of ignorance and guesswork, since the absolute probability is that you do not know everything. This includes at least one thing about the politics/religion you ascribe to or have created for yourself. Drop the air of being above reproach and correction; as high as Your Royal Highness may be, he is not above being offended. There are no insults except as you pretend to make them in order to hide from the truth, though offenses could potentially abound; it is your responsibility to rightly judge the truth and to accept and act upon it.


Recognize that, as with the food you eat and the clothes you wear, work had to be done to prepare for giving you the benefit of all things that provide the benefit. If your food, clothing, shelter, or other "benefits" were taken from another by force and given to you, this recognition may be difficult to come by. You are indeed in great need. If instead you work productively but realize that there must be more to life than all this mess, this recognition may be so obvious and engrained as to be strange to hear as a prerequisite for consultation. Good. That part of your foundation may be relied upon.

Like the material goods, then, services are also a product, and a product of much investment of time and energy and financial resources by the provider of the services.

Please consider your situation. Then consider the breadth and depth of help you have a hunch you may need.

After the initial assessment, if we agree to proceed, you will be provided an estimate of the commitment of time and other resources necessary to assist you however it is determined help is needed. In order to begin a thorough consultation, compensation will be needed in order to continue the work. Please consider donating to this initial preliminary work, whether for yourself or that others in need may be assisted; your donations will be used to help others after very modest personal expenses are accounted for.

Terms of the in-depth consultation are negotiable. The desire is to help you to establish theodocta, the wisdom and ways of God, as the sure foundation for the remainder of your life, to shore up your eternal destiny, and to motivate you by the inspiration that only God can provide, to live fully and passionately all your days for Him.

Prepare for the Challenge of Your Life

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Please Note

Every effort will be made to accommodate your schedule and your situation. It is recommended for the best possible start in the effort to assist you, that you provide ample detail and ample lead time to allow for thorough review and preparation for our initial assessment. Make an initial investment of time to thoroughly collect your thoughts, and write a lengthier, more detailed letter using this form. If your letter needs additional space than is allowed by the message area below, simply submit the first portion, then return here and continue.